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Free singing lessons - read on for an introduction to the art of singing. I've been making attemps for mastering this art for 5 years now and there is a lot you can learn from me.

Let me begin with a sample of my work as a singer (To download, right-click and save target as...). Try to learn something from my example.

Not so bad, hu? Well, it's not perfect but it's definitely not out of tune or rhythm (with slight exceptions:-). So, this was just to show you the type of instruction you get from my free singing lessons - samples with text.

Let's go on with the text...

In order to be able to sing professionally, you have to be a master in two things: your voice and rhythm (More about rhythm here). By voice I mean the organ that makes sound waves located in your mouth (now it's getting interesting :-). You have to be able to control this organ.

How do you do that? Simple, just relax and don't think about rules and techniques. Just think about the pleasant feeling that you want to express. No, don't think, just feel it.

When you learn to sing, you'll be sure of yourself and there won't be much difference between your singing to yourself and to a big audience. For more on how to sing on stage, click here.

That is exactly what my free singing lessons will be trying to teach you. To feel comfortable when singing. To believe that you can sing. Yeah :-) . Now, send me a blank email in order to be informed of the next singing lessons and other musicmaking news.

That was Free Singing Lesson 1. Click here for Lesson 2.

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Peter Stankov's latest album

I've recorded many hours of music and here's my latest work, considered the best so far by my friends and myself.

It's called Cerotonine - World Music and there is a free track for you. Click here to see more details.

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