Free guitar lessons for beginners - if you really want to learn to play the guitar, you will!

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Free guitar lessons for beginners are what you will get from this site. You will read, listen to my work and work on your guitar playing skills remembering my instructiuon. The instruction may not necessarily be notes or postures of the hands. In fact, sometimes it may seem quite strange to you. Read these 3 for example:

1. Playing the guitar is very easy, but learning to play is a hard, full time job. I've done it for five years and now you can learn from me like I've learned from my teachers.

2. Playing any instrument is done by concentration on the action of playing, avoiding distractors. Or rather, allowing distractors to pass away and keeping the rhythm.

3. Playing the guitar is very hard, but most people (especially guitar teachers) claim it is easy in order to get money from teaching. It's as hard as any other job or hobby, but in the end you gain substantial profit and that's one of the reasons why it is so attractive.

I hope you've already got an idea of the "taste" of these free guitar lessons for beginners. They will be absolutely crazy :-), but I can guarantee that if you like good guitar players (like me :-), one day you'll become one.

Free guitar lessons for beginners can be done only if there are two (or more) participants (of course :-) . So, you have to practice guitar playing and not just read my ideas. It's a good idea to practice everyday, but some people say you should practice only when you feel like it.

I think guitar playing is a fine art and I hate people who claim that it is a science (in the modern sense of the word). Guitar playing is something very subtle and gentle like sex or swimming or flying (well, I can't say, really, I'm not Icarus :-)... yet :-)

Lesson 1

1. Sit on your butt and play.

2. Do other things

3. Eat

4. Sleep

5. Go to the toilet

6. Brush your teeth

7. Eat your breakfast

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Now, enough humour. Let's get to the guitar playing posture. As you know, basically there are 2 types of postures:

1. Sitting

2. Standing

The most important thing in both postures is to hold the guitar, play and not to fall asleep :-) (I'm always kidding to keep you interested). Now, seriously, when you are sitting and playing, it is a good idea that you sit comfortably (not too comfortably :-), or may be if you don't feel like sitting, stand up.

When you stand and play at the same time, the audience is taking you more seriously. As though you'd be doing something very important and they are obliged to whatch.

I'm feeling so funny. I don't know why, I swear. I'll go to play some guitar. Maybe I'll think of something clever to pass on to you...

Hu... That's better. Now where were we? Doesn't matter. I'll just continue whatever I was trying to say.

You know, I'm playing the guitar both for pleasure and for improving my skill. Every time I practice, I'm becoming a better player (well, most of the times).

Do you practice every day? (I'm talking to myself :-)

What? Guitar playing?

Yes, you idiot!

Hey! If you call me that 2 times more, you're out! (I sound like my geography teacher)

As I said, I play the guitar more often than not and most of the times I enjoy playing very much (maybe sometimes too much). So, yes you can say that it's "every day" in the sense that it's regularly. Not something like "I play when I want to" or "I just play" or "I play 66 minutes per every 24 hours". May be "I just play" is a good answer but it's not very instructional. He he he.

This wasn't exactly what you thought free guitar lessons for beginners should be but at least I had a good time writing it (I hope you too). I would love to teach you to play the guitar, but what will you give me in return? Doesn't matter, I'll go to a cave and I'll eat the fruits of nature. But how will I connect to the internet?...

To be continued...

Lesson 2

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