Playing music by ear - listen to the music and play away your feelings

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Playing music by ear is very easy. Learning a piece of music with the help of notes is easy too, but only if you've spent years of learning to read them. Of course, in order to develop a sharp musical ear, you also need some time, but this time is very enjoyable.

Some musicians play both using notes and by ear. Others can't play at all :-) . I don't use notes, but I don't say you should not use them. Playing music by ear doesn't mean that the player is just playing what he/she wants. There still are musical patterns in the player's imagination or memory.

To clarify this, I will play a piece for you. It hasn't been written down with notes, it still isn't in my head, but when I start playing it, you'll see (I mean hear:-) Click here to download it.

Well, it's not much of a "piece", really. Just a demonstration of my rhythm and melody flow preserving skills. These are not terms with definitions, but when you become a better player you'll understand what I mean. In fact, I haven't heard your work, so I can't say whether you're not a good player already.

Anyway, you heard me playing music by ear and talking about this music without written notes but with melody flow and rhythm. Now, I want to invite you to musicmaking's newsletter which will keep you informed of any new music stuff on the site.


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Peter Stankov's latest album

I've recorded many hours of music and here's my latest work, considered the best so far by my friends and myself.

It's called Cerotonine - World Music and there is a free track for you. Click here to see more details.

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