Rhythm - the philosophy of music

Rhythm is very important in music. Rhythm is the philosophy of music - melody is the feeling. So, the philosophy of music is very simple and yet very hard to be understood by the boy who wants to become a musician (excuse me girls - I use "boy" because it sounds better:-).

The moment you play, you have to feel relaxed and really play whatever you like. In this way you are able to keep the rhythm naturaly and the melody or the feeling that comes out is really beautiful. But this is achieved after years of every day practice and growth (at least for me it took years - and I'm still improving).

This is not only true for improvisation but for learned songs too. If you don't let the rhythm take control, the melody won't be nice either. May be the reverse is also true - if you don't play a nice melody, the rhythm is spoiled. Let me play a little drum for you. Right-click here and save target as...

This word has a crazy spelling r-h-y-t-h-m but it has something rhythmical in the way it sounds - "rhythm".

Anyway, rhythm is in every sound of the world. I'll try to illustrate this with an example: Sometimes when I play with my friends they get distracted and become talking to each other and then, I can hear them talking like some rappers - in a beautiful rhythmical way.

When you experience such rhythmical "enlightenments" it is very pleasant, but as I mentioned in another article, you have to always remember what was your aim in the beginning in order to achieve it. In our case, feeling this rhythmness of the world is only a way to play better (or maybe just inspiration for my long rhythm article :-)

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Peter Stankov's latest album

I've recorded many hours of music and here's my latest work, considered the best so far by my friends and myself.

It's called Cerotonine - World Music and there is a free track for you. Click here to see more details.

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