Benefits of music education

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Benefits of music education - from ancient times, along with music, there has been music education. Good musicians have always been tempted by teaching and by creating rules for music education. But are there really any benefits from this type of education?

Some will tell you that there are great benefits of music education. And that without education you can't become a musician. Others will tell you that even if there are some benefits, if you don't have talent, it's useless to begin learning.

The most important question actually is "what is music education?" . If you can find an answer to this question, you'll know for yourself whether to learn to play from a teacher with hundred diplomas but without any real skills, or from a super guy like me :-) . Of course diplomas are not bad but I don't have any, so I am fighting for my interests. :-)

Nowadays, as always, music education is an important part of education in schools. This is because music is an important part of everyday culture. Music is everywhere and schools try to develop an attitude towards music in children.

But for the child who likes music more than the rest, there is another music education. This is music itself. And the question "What are the benefits of music education?" becomes "What are the benefits of music itself?" .

As you probably have heard music was banned in Afganistan under the taliban regime. Those people believe that there are no benefits of music, let alone any benefits of music education what so ever. (What a style! :-)

But maybe this is just politics. Because music and music education are a really powerful foreign relations question. For example MTV is banned in some far east countries because it doesn't bring the benefits of music education which those governments want.

For me, music education (or music itself) became a part of my life since my early childhood. And it has benefited me in the sense that I've learned to play a few instruments and I am enjoying my hobby every day. I've developed a sense for art (or rather I've managed to keep it) and a sense for beauty and professionalism.

So, if you're thinking whether to let your child get deeper in music education, don't. Just let him/her decide for him/herself because it can't be said whether there are benefits of music education or there are not. It depends on the individual.

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