Free music composing software - all around the web but who knows which program is the best? I do.

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Free music composing software is available and it's safe to download from many locations. You can try thousands of different programs for making your own music but let me give you a hint - the program is not the most important thing.

I've tried a lot of free music composing software but I've always been coming back to my favorite or should I say the only one that works at all? Well, for me it does work. I have been recording for three years now and I can say that it's been a pleasure to do business with the free music composing software for me - Fruity Loops trial.

If you know a better program for making music, please call me: +00359 02 399541 :-) . Fruity Loops has not only helped me make music. With its simplicity and friendliness, it has encouraged me to become what I am now. I'll put a sample of my work here if I don't forget.

Maybe some of you might think "He has an affiliation to this particular free music composing software called Fruity Loops". Well, you there (yes you :-) are absolutely right! If I sell to you their super program for making music, I receive some percent of your money. But what does that prove?

You can use the free music composing software Fruity Loops without buying the full program. I have done this for two years before getting the payed version. The only problem (not a real one) is that you can't save your work in .flp format. But I've made 2 albums by exporting my songs directly in .mp3 format.

Of course being able to save your work, so that you can work on a song longer is an advantage - that is why I got the full version. But if we are talking about free music composing software I prefer Fruity Loops trial than some complicated junk (sorry if that hurts somebody - it's my personal opinion).

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Peter Stankov's latest album

I've recorded many hours of music and here's my latest work, considered the best so far by my friends and myself.

It's called Cerotonine - World Music and there is a free track for you. Click here to see more details.

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