Cerotonine - World Music - Peter Stankov's latest CD

The whole site's idea is to get you to listen to this. Well, of course, while you were on your way to this page, you've probably learned a lot about music making. And you'll learn a whole lot more in the future. But here is the real thing - my latest work. I hope you enjoy it, get inspired and all.

Click here to download one of the best pieces in the album called Sarceto, which means "the heart" in Bulgarian. All of my friends (including a leading Bulgarian DJ and sometimes excluding my girlfriend :-) are crazy about this music.

I was wondering how should I sell this - as a CD or as mp3. But yesterday I thought it's gonna be mp3 because I like mp3 players better than CD players. So, here it is:

Band: Cerotonine

Peter Stankov: vocal, guitar, clarinet, drum, computer

Album: World Music

1. About 2:44 sample

2. Girl Crazy (Crazy remix) 3:37 sample

3. Sarceto (the heart) 4:00

4. World Music 4:05 sample

5. Slow Show 3:37 sample

6. Hrana (food) 3:24 sample

7. Natural 3:48 sample

8. One 2:07 sample

9. Sledvam Patya (I follow the way) 4:08 sample

10. Dream2 2:56 sample

11. Novi Parcheta (new pieces) 2:34 sample

12. Zurli 2:02 sample

13. Freedom (new version) 2:41 sample

I love photoshop!

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