Music making Links Maqam World is a non-commercial, educational web site dedicated to helping musicians understand the maqam or modal system used in classical Arabic music. The biggest and most respected online guitar instruction industry I've come across so far. Discover the world of Indian music. A very clever way to learn music theory - replacing the do, re, mi ... with numbers.

Chinese Music Archive Listen to Chinese music.

Play Jazz
Everything jazz guitar - free lessons, player profiles, home study courses, articles, forums, links and more. Taiko refers to both the modern Japanese art of taiko drumming (kumi-daiko), and to the taiko drums themselves. The Rolling Thunder Taiko Resource is dedicated to gathering and sharing information about taiko. Naftali Lahav's site about guitar playing. He has original ideas like teaching kids to construct and play their own simple oriental guitar called rabbab. Glenn Weiser is the author of four Celtic fingerstyle guitar books and three harmonica books. He has witnessed Woodstock '69.

Foundation Course in African Dance Drumming CK Ladzekpo's course is aimed at the beginning students who wish to understand and perform African music. Bob is an experienced accoustic guitar player sharing his guitar playing know-how.

Teacher TonyTony Vaught's art instruction site. Somewhere on this page is an instrument making project that may change the course of your life. Take a chance and find out how Mozart, Handel and I got started in music.

Top 100 Guitar Sites Guitar sites chart. Dec Cluskey's site. He started his career with his UK based band: 'The Bachelors'. One of the tiny few to have two records in the TOP FIVE at the same time. He has made £Millions from music writing, performing, recording and production.

I love photoshop!

Peter Stankov's latest album

I've recorded many hours of music and here's my latest work, considered the best so far by my friends and myself.

It's called Cerotonine - World Music and there is a free track for you. Click here to see more details.

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